This image is one of my most popular and has won many best-of-shows. The print comes in two Ilfochrome sizes mounted on tempered masonite. The largest is an framed 48"x 32" covered with a five mil gloss UV laminate. Only two were made and one is left. It is an extremely difficult print to accomplish. It is sharp, powerful and intense - $1500.00 + tax.

The second is a 30"x 20" image framed to a finished size 34"x 24". It is covered with a 5 mil pearl UV laminate and is mounted on tempered masonite and framed.  $700.00 + tax. There is one left of each.

We have a new pigment print available size 24"x 16" unframed and unmounted for $600

This is on the north shore of Billy's Lake deep into the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. This Lake is most easily reached via the western entrance at Stephen Foster State Park. The story of this image is that I rented a boat to reach some locations deep in the swamp. I came upon this Great Blue heron feeding. Shortly after this picture was taken, the heron picked a snake off the bush to the right and proceeded to eat it. In all, I took some 35 or 36 pictures of this whole event. Then I proceeded to go much further into the swamp where I knew a Red-shouldered Hawk had a nest. I found it and set up my tripod and equipment. I turned to get some additional film, dislodged my tripod and it went into the swamp. I grabbed the last leg of the tripod and hauled it out of the water with the Leica SL attached as well as the 560mm Leica lens. Water poured out. I went back to my campsite and worked on the camera, removing the film which was also wet. The camera was ruined. In the film I saved six of the first images of which this was the sixth. The other 30 were lost. Yet this image has done well being featured in several books and will be a corner post image in the new book Okefenokee, Land of the Trembling Earth.

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